Extremely smooth FOUP door open/close motion by Original Door Opening Technology
Prevents Particle penetration / No Particle / No Noise

  • Great improvement of particle performance
  • Reduction of vibration during door open/close by hybrid of pneumatic and electric driven mechanism.
  • Compliance of high sealed FOUP.
  • Superior Stable N2 Purge (Option)
       : Control nozzle up/down timing. Adjustment function of nozzle pressure. (U.S. Patented technology)

< N2 Purge Option >
  • N2 Purging On Carrier Base
  • - Filters, installed just in front of the nozzle, can block particle from entering to FOUP
  • - Monitor N2 Gas flow rate by flow meter
  • - Control N2 Gas flow rate by MFC
  • - Feild Upgrade from Standard SELOP8 to N2 Purge Load Port is possible

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